Hexagon Shaped Tube Displays


Large Hexagon Shaped Tube Display Base

Hexagon Shaped Display Stand - $29.50

7" W x 7" D x 2-7/8" H

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Great for Large Tubes like the 4-1000

Constructed of box jointed 1/8" Laminated MDF

Available colors: Black, Birch woodgrain, Rosewood woodgrain

The bottom platform is 8" point-to-point and 7" flat to flat. The top platform is 5-1/2 " point-to-point and 4-3/4 " flat to flat.

The bottom platform is 1-3/4" high and the top is 1-1/8" for a total height of 2-7/8".

The sample shown on the left was made for displaying the EIMAC 4-1000A. It can be made for any tube that we are have the precise pins spacing and size specification.

Data sheets for most tubes are available online. Contact us at info@tubedisplays.com with your tube type and we'll do our best to locate the data.

Typically, we either engrave or cut out the tube type on the front section. If data is available, upon request we will engrave descriptive text on the other panels.
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