About the Laser

We engrave, etch and mark using a 60-watt Epilog Mini-24 CO2 laser engraver.

The laser engraver works much like an ink jet printer. But, instead of firing droplets of ink, it fires a laser beam that engraves and cuts into a wide variety of materials. The laser beam is created by exciting CO2 gas with electricity to create a very intense beam of light. The beam is then directed to the subject material by an incredibly precise motion control system.

CO2 lasers are capable of engraving and cutting wood, cork, rubber, fabric, acrylic, some plastics and other "soft" materials, and can etch and mark ceramics, marble, granite, glass, metals and other "hard" materials.

Engraving & Cutting

Engraving cuts into the material by "burning" it with such high intensity that the waste is virtually evaporated. The depth is determined by the amount of power applied and the speed at which the beam moves. Higher power settings and/or lower speed settings result in deeper material removal. By applying a very high power beam pulsed at a high frequency, materials that can be engraved can also be cut.

Tube Display Stands are cut from large sheets of laminated MDF. The finish is printed on resulting in a meterial similar to Melamine. The design is done using CorelDRAW with add-on macros that produce the box jointed edges. - Display Stands for Classic, Vintage and Collector Vacuum Tubes